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A little more about what we offer ...

More than 11,000 channels from around the world

NordIPTV offers the most comprehensive range of channels from the Nordic region. The vast majority of channels are available as Full-HD and / or 4K.

In addition to the Nordic offer, we also have thousands of channels from the rest of the world. If you are looking for something special, contact us or Get a FREE Trial.

Live Events in the form of sports are posted directly in the channel list.
Never miss another match! 

More than 67,000 VODs (Video on Demand)

Our ambition is that you only need a single streaming service no matter what you watch.

That’s why we have more than 11,000 movies and 2,000 series. In addition to the latest films and series, we offer a very large selection of documentaries, children’s films / children’s programs, concerts, events and adult.

Get news & operational information to your mobile phone

As a subscription customer, you can join our group at Telegram to get the latest news and operational information.

Bang for the buck

Another concept for NordIPTV is value for money. We have less than half the price compared to the average of the traditional streaming services and a much larger selection.

The average price for sports streaming is EUR 42, ie. even higher. With that comparison we only charge a quarter of the price.

Multi-Language Tech Support

We offer our customers support via e-mail and Telegram in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English and German. Support includes both troubleshooting and customized recommendations to get the best IPTV experience.


After the order has been placed in the form, you will receive an email with payment instructions.

Payment is either through PayPal or with Bitcoin and we can recommend Coinbase

to buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies.

More information on signing up for Coinbase can be found in our blog.

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