About IPTV

There are many who are curious about IPTV, but who may not feel completely informed. We guide you through some of the most commonly asked questions and let you know why you should choose us!

What is IPTV?

IPTV is TV and streaming content through the internet without going into too much detail.

A standard internet connection can deliver picture in both Full HD and Ultra HD, which makes IPTV perfect for watching on all smart devices such as Smart TV, Android Box / Apple TV, Tablet, Smartphone, traditional set top box or PC / Mac.


With IPTV, you never compromise on price and quality. You get the same quality as in the traditional streaming services but at a much lower price.

All channels, movies and series are available through one app, which makes it more convenient and easily accessible.

With us, you get all the necessary support to get started.

What's needed?

The conditions for getting a perfect result are that you have a good internet connection. In the vast majority of cases, the standard speeds of a standard broadband are fully sufficient to deliver IPTV flawlessly. We usually say that a down speed from 35 Mbit is recommended.

In addition to the internet connection, as we mentioned earlier, a smart device is needed. The most common is to run IPTV on a Smart TV or via a TV box, but there are also many who choose to watch via the computer.

What do you offer?

  • > 11 000 TV-channels
  • > 11 000 Movies
  • Approximately 2000 TV-Series.
  • Live-Sport events that otherwise would be broadcasted as pay-per-view.

Why NordIPTV?

The most important factors when choosing an IPTV provider are usually operational reliability and selection of content.

NordIPTV has access to Europe’s fastest servers and is not the cheapest provider on the market as a large part of the subscription fees are reinvested in its own network to maintain a stable and secure service for our customers.

Despite the thousands of foreign channels, we are a supplier with the Nordic region in focus and if it is mainly channels, films and series that appeal to the Nordic market that you are looking for, NordIPTV will fit like a glove.

Is IPTV legal?

IPTV can be divided into two segments:

  • Distribution and decoding of channels. – Illegal.
  • Streaming of channels that are decoded in another country. – Legal.
In other words, you as a customer can be sure that you do not commit any crime by consuming IPTV as our material has been decoded abroad.